Xenophobia: The People Behind Attacks On Foreigners Exposed

The information reaching sunrise news Nigeria has exposed the group of people

behind the xenophobic attacks on foreign Nationals in South Africa.

The influential Mail and Guardian reported on Friday that “security cluster officials

are investigating the possibility of an orchestrated campaign to destabilize the country.”

An investigative report by the newspaper named the All Truck Drivers Forum (ATDF) as

possible instigator of the chaos.

It said: “High-ranking security officials have also discussed the political motivations behind

the flare-up in violence, with theories that the violence was part of a campaign to

embarrass and ultimately destabilize the presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa.”

It added: In parts of KwaZulu-Natal, freight trucks were attacked and set alight.

Drivers found to be foreign nationals were also assaulted.

ATDF, which purports to represent only South African truck drivers, has dismissed

the intelligence, saying that its organisation is anti-violence. Its spokesperson,

Sipho Zungu, said on Thursday: “When this latest violence started on Monday

we were in court, so there is no way this was us. ATDF has never even had a strike,

let alone [engaged in] violence [and] looting. The nation is being misled here.

“What needs to be clarified is that ATDF is fighting for all truck drivers in the country,

no matter if they work or not.” He went on to add: “The reality is that South African

truck drivers no longer have jobs, and we have been engaging truck owners and

government that they must get rid of foreign truck drivers.”

The fight between South Africans and foreign nationals have been on-going for a

long time. The locals have always complain the other nationals have taken over the

jobs meant for them.


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