Nnamdi Kanu says Biafra will never know corruption, as he claims Abba Kyari stole N13 Billion

The Leader of The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has assured all his followers that Biafra will never know corruption as he indicted Abba Kyari, of stealing N13 Billion.

Kanu said the reason of speaking out at this time is because many people are starving to death in the face of poverty affecting the people.

Read his full statement belwo:


“The masses are dying of hunger and no hospitals for the sick, their leaders have stolen all the money

“Those that entrusted power to the current bunch of wild ravenous Fulani beasts, in the misplaced hope they would fight corruption and subdue Boko Haram should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, especially Barack Obama, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Yoruba media, Yoruba intelligentsia and Efulefus from the East. Rather than make things better as they claimed they would and as most good students of history knew they are incapable of; these Fulani cabals have exposed their thieving, conniving incompetence for the world to see. The article below is from Daily Trust a newspaper that exists solely to promote Fulani interest, an Arewa mouthpiece. No right-thinking person would dare accuse them of bias over this very issue.

“The reason for pointing this out now is because millions of people are without any income are literally starving to death. Another reason being the need to nail the truth to the mast that Fulani elite-assuming you call owning a herd of cattle and obtaining a worthless certificate from ABU Zaria via a rigged quota system as elitism; are the most corrupt rulers the British abomination called Nigeria has ever seen. But they go about with the help of a compromised press sanctimoniously trumpeting their non-existent anti-corruption agenda.

“My question to all those that hailed the incarceration of Christian politicians and imprisonment of Orji Uzor Kalu and Olisa Metuh is, why is it that Abba Kyari, Yemi Osinbajo and the man with the Buhari face mask Jubril Al-Sudani not indicted for stealing over 13bn in broad daylight? Why is it that Fulani runs EFCC is yet to issue a summons for Abba Kyari to appear before them?

“We all know the reason why don’t we?, because just like their Boko Haram counterparts, their impunity is for the advancement of a virulent Fulani hegemonic agenda. This is the height of unbridled hypocrisy, double standards and a skewed justice system designed to protect the kleptomaniacal terror-sponsoring and roundly incompetent Fulani cabals. This is the Nigeria no conscientious or right-thinking person would ever wish to be called a citizen of.

“Have you noticed how their journalists in Nigeria never demanded an EFCC investigation or enquiry into these missing billions stolen by Abba Kyari? Instead, they eulogise, praise and pray for the same thieving politician(s) that are responsible for their daily misery, starvation and lack of access to good healthcare at a critical time like this. Rather than hang these people in public for their crimes against the masses and humanity, these impoverished suffering masses are being encouraged to fast and pray for those who are killing them. The same oppressors that sent their army to kill those begging for food.

“Isn’t it ironic the same Abba Kyari that stole all the money meant for a local clinic that could have treated the sick, chartered a private plane for himself, took his pet and flew abroad for treatment, while the poor are left to die? This is the type of politician some people are praying for to recover quickly. Nigerians are truly sick in the brain.

“…and some people still foolishly ask, “why are you looking for Biafra?” Now you know why.

Biafra will never know corruption.

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